How to Find the Perfect Furnished Apartment

When moving to a new city, you may feel overwhelmed with all the housing choices available to you. Don’t fret, having options is a good thing! The more you have to search through, the higher the probability is that you will find the perfect housing option for you. When beginning your search, keep in mind these four factors that make-up a great apartment.


Location, location, location… That’s what they say right? When choosing an apartment, one of the most important factors to consider is where you will be located. You want to be close to all that you need! Whether it’s conveniently located to your place of work, in walking distance from local restaurants, or in a quiet area of town, the location of the place you call home has a big impact on your daily life. Find the area that you would like to live in and start your search there. If you struggle to find a suitable option, expand your search up by 5 miles.


Furnished apartments are desired for a reason, they take all of the “thought” out of needing to decorate the place you call home. You want a move-in ready property, I hear you! Choose a furnished apartment with character. We all want to be proud of where we live. Pick an apartment with its own personality and style. Find something you love and move right in!


Choose an apartment with more than just the space provided. Pick a residence that stands out amongst the others with added perks. Whether the complex includes a gym membership, rooftop access, garage parking, or concierge service, select an apartment with added bonuses. Although these perks are not necessary, they certainly enhance the residential experience.


Another important factor when choosing the perfect furnished apartment is considering how safe the surrounding area is. You want to feel safe when you return to your home. Make sure you choose an area of town that you feel safe to spend a substantial amount of time in. See what security precautions the complexes you are considering have implemented. Are doors secured with locks? Have cameras been installed? Ask before signing!

Searching for a furnished apartment that has it all in Raleigh, North Carolina? Check out Revisn! We took into account all four of these factors when creating the perfect residential experience. Revisn is located in the fashionable Glenwood South district in Downtown Raleigh. Perfect walking distance to the local restaurants and nightlife. Additionally, however, located a step back from the city to provide an oasis and quieter atmosphere. Enjoy the city views from the rooftop terrace. Each residence is designed with custom furniture and modern decor touches to allow guests to feel inspired at their new home. Boutique hotel amenities such as weekly housekeeping services and concierge are included in the nightly rate. Revisn takes steps to help guests feel safe and secure in their new home. The building is secured with required key entry to both the entrance door and the residence door. The Butterfly Mx two-way video machine monitors every entry into the building. Does Revisn check all of your boxes? Book a flexible, short term lease, fully furnished executive apartment today! Give us a call at 919-999-0160 or visit our website.

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Fully-furnished, flexible lease residential experience with hotel amenities.Revisn is a perfect executive apartment for guests who need accommodations for 30 days or longer.

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