7 Tips for Staying Organized During a Big Move

It’s no secret that moving is stressful. From filling out new paperwork and getting your keys to moving furniture and painting, there seems to be no end to how much has to be done. Staying organized is key to a successful move no matter how much time or money you may have.

Do Your Research

If you know what you are getting into it's much easier to stay on top of things. Creating a moving plan requires a little bit of research so you should look into every step of the process as much as you can. Plan to research moving companies or moving trucks if you are self-moving. You can also find a list of which moving expenses may be tax deductible to help offset the cost of your transition. Search Pinterest to find moving checklists and to-do lists that you can print, copy, or use for inspiration when creating your own.

Make Your Own To-Do Lists

Start with a master list. The first list you make should include items like researching and booking moving companies or services, decluttering your home, getting supplies, and other major tasks involved in the move. You can also make smaller lists, such as a room-by-room packing checklist, a list of address changes that need to be made, and so forth. Lists are a powerful organizational tool that a lot of people overlook. When it comes to moving, you can never have too many lists.

Getting the Proper Supplies

We all know what we think we’ll need for a move, boxes, markers, bubble wrap, etc. But, we often forget a few very important things. Things like furniture covers and pads protect your furniture and floors during the move. Think about renting dollies to help you move small but heavy items such as minifridges and sets of books. Cleaning supplies are often forgotten when moving. Once you move your items out you will get a chance to see just how dirty your home may be. Cleaning floors, walls and bathrooms will be a part of moving process for sure.

Declutter and Purge

Moving is the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning. After all, there is no sense in moving things you don’t want or need. As you are packing each room, go through and get rid of anything that you no longer use or want. Think to yourself “does this bring me joy?” when looking through your items. Clothes, toys, knick-knacks, and memorabilia/keepsake items can clutter your home without you even realizing. Look at these things and only take what you truly need. You can have a yard sale or donate the items to charity. As for those rare Pokémon cards or Pez dispensers, this is a great time to sell those items and get a little more money (and space) for your move.

Label and Color-Coded Boxes

Labels are a must. Even if you aren’t hiring a moving company, you still need to label boxes during a move. Not only should labels include the room where the items go, but you should add a brief list of contents so you can choose what to unpack first without having to open and go through everything. Color coding, by using different colored labels or markers, will make unloading your items into your new home even easier.

Professionals Can Help

Even the most organized people could use a little help. Consider using a professional to help you get your things in order. A professional organizer will help you keep clean and tidy while cutting down on confusion when it is time to move. Although it may feel like hiring a professional organizer is an unnecessary expense, hiring a professional often helps you save both time and money in the end.  We know that anything that can take the stress off of your move is invaluable.

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Victoria Johnson is a contributing writer and media specialist for Allied Van Lines. She often produces content for a variety of home and real estate.

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