How to Land a Job! – 3 Tips for a Successful Interview

Have a big interview coming up? Be prepared! Follow these steps on how to knock your next interview out of the park.

So, you’ve done all the hard work, now you have the opportunity to make it pay off. Every interview is a learning experience. Best case scenario, however, is that is you get that job! Check out our list below for our tips on how to increase your chances of getting that job offer.

Dress the Part

No matter the job or industry, dressing nice for an interview is important. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Show up prepared with nice attire (relevant to what the position is) and with business cards / a portfolio.

Do your Research

Before going to this interview, you want to make sure you understand what the company does and what the role would entail. The interviewer will answer most of your questions, but you should come prepared to learn more! Have at least 3 questions formulated that you will present when given the chance. You will want to ask at least one question at the end of the interview. This shows you are engaged and interested in the job!

Follow Up

You shake hands, exit the building, and take a deep breath. Let yourself celebrate the (most likely) successful interview experience! However, it’s not out of your hands yet. Following the meeting, we suggest reaching out through email with a short and simple “thank you” message. This allows you to reiterate that you are indeed interested in the position and that you value the opportunity they gave you. During your interview, we suggest asking what the next steps are in the interview process. If they said they would reach out to you by a certain date, make sure you remember that and reach out if you do not hear by then.

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