Pet Friendly Extended Stay Fully Furnished Apartments

Paws and Relax: The Perks of Pet Friendly Extended Stay Apartments

Business travel can often feel impersonal and sterile, but for those of us with pets, leaving behind our furry family members isn't an option. Enter the pet friendly extended stay apartments by Revisn, where you can experience the comforts of home while fulfilling your professional obligations.

These fully furnished apartments are designed to replicate a home's warmth, providing a stable environment that is especially beneficial for your pet’s comfort and your peace of mind. The full-service features mean every detail is catered to, so you can transition into work mode without the fuss of day-to-day chores.

Space to Breathe

With the luxury of more square footage than a standard hotel room, these apartments give your pets the freedom to explore and play. Access to our rooftop terrace and nearby parks is sure to delight human and animals alike. This not only aids in keeping your pets physically active but also socially engaged, leading to a happier, more relaxed pet.

Work and Play in Harmony

The transition to a temporary workspace is made effortless with high-speed internet and quiet environments conducive to productivity. As you settle into your workflow, your pet can settle in too, resting comfortably by your side, which is proven to reduce stress and anxiety for both of you.

A Community of Pet Lovers

The sense of community in these executive complexes can't be understated. Networking with fellow pet-loving professionals provides a social outlet for you and your pet, offering opportunities for companionship and even pet playdates. This community aspect enriches the experience of both owner and pet, making your stay in Raleigh a uniquely enjoyable time.

Welcoming Your Furry Family to Raleigh

At Revisn, we understand that pets are part of your family, and we happily open our doors to both dogs and cats to accompany you during your stay. We require a signed Pet Agreement before your pet pals step paw into any suite. We warmly welcome up to two of your furry friends, as long as they are under 40 lbs each. 

A one-time cleaning fee ensures that future guests, whether pet lovers or not, can enjoy their stay in our accommodations. For those bringing one pet, a $250 non-refundable cleaning fee is applied. Choose to bring two pets, and the fee is $500.

At Revisn, we pride ourselves on providing a stay that is as welcoming and comfortable for your pets as it is for you. So pack your bags (and your pet's favorite toy) and get ready for a relaxing and productive stay in Raleigh!


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