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Hey Raleigh! Here is our new series: Revisn Roundups.

Find important local news, interesting reads, and weird stories from all around the U.S.!

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Dozens of rescued beagles arrive in Triangle

After a Virginia breeding facility rescue that resulted in saving over 4,000 beagles, Triangle Beagle Rescue has an overflow of beagles for adoption! Will one of these 89 sweet pups be your new forever fur-iend?

North Carolinians with prior felony convictions can now vote

N.C. voter laws are always huge topics of discussion each election year. This year, North Carolinians who have prior convictions on their records will have their right to vote restored.

Is melatonin really the best way to fall asleep?

Are you an champion sleeper? Many of us need a little help to drift off at the end of the day. Melatonin comes in handy for getting you in the mood to snooze, but may not be the most sure-fire way to get you to sleep.

What are 'ghost kitchens' and how do you spot one?

Have you ever ordered DoorDash from what you thought would be a new restaurant, but ended up tasting oddly familiar? Ghost kitchens are the newest way businesses maximize their visibility and revenue.

Raleigh 9-year-old is disc golf world champ

A local kid scored big in the PDGA Junior World Championship! Find out how 9-year-old Oliver Beavers achieved this major feat.

Plane makes safe emergency landing on NC highway

A local pilot from Creswell skidded to a halt on a Washington County highway and survived unscathed!

9-year-old girl saves classmate from drowning at a pool party

Kids are the future! A young girl noticed her classmate immobile at the bottom of a pool, and quickly sprung into action. Her rescue mission saved the boy's life!

How can you tell when a recession has begun?

Unfortunately, economists and business executives warn of an upcoming recession. Many believe we are already in the midst of our latest economic fall. Find out the signs of a recession in this WRAL Explainer.

Trash is saved and repurposed from this Raleigh construction site

Notice those giant, flapping wind screens around town that cover buildings under construction? These are necessary in city construction to keep citizens safe from job site debris and danger, while also keeping the community safer from noise pollution. An Asheboro grad has turned making these wind screens into totes, clothing, and more a profession!

Hershey warns of candy shortage this Halloween

Talk about a true nightmare! Hershey announces that supply chain issues combined with a spike in sugary sweet sales during the pandemic has come back to bite them this fall.

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