8 Things to Know Before Moving to Raleigh, NC

Moving to Raleigh, North Carolina soon? Take a look at Revisn Corporate Apartments list of things to know before moving to the City of Oaks!

Raleigh's housing market is booming.

Raleigh’s housing market is much more affordable compared to other major tech hubs—the average mortgage here is under $1,500 per month. The city has been rated as the #1 place to rent and #3 to buy a home. Relocators can rest assured they will not have to compromise safety, location, and their own sense of style when moving here as the housing market is always booming.

Our educational institutions are ranked best in the nation.

The greater Triangle area is home to dozens of universities and colleges including North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Duke University. Raleigh is ranked as the sixth best college town in the nation, and we’re considered one of the most educated cities.

The job market is perfect for most everyone.

Known as the Silicon Valley of the Southeast, Raleigh is home to competitive job prospects in industries ranging from software to pharmaceuticals. Raleigh’s tech sector, healthcare and clean technology industries are robust. All-stars like GlaxoSmithKline, Cisco, and IBM have their roots planted in Raleigh, along with many multi-national corporations.

Raleigh is a city for foodies.

Move to Raleigh, and “Restaurant Week” will become a familiar phrase every summer. Raleigh is home to many nationally recognized eateries, from high end Second Empire to our novel food halls. Every January, Raleigh restaurants participate in Triangle Restaurant Week by offering special three-course meals and prix fix pricing to show off their best work. Check out all of the food options Raleigh has to offer here!

You'll fit in if you love sports rivalries.

Raleigh is home to several universities and colleges, but we lay it all on the line for NC State sports. Relocators to Raleigh will fit in well if they’re willing to cheer for Wolfpack basketball and football. Our women’s teams are nationally renowned, and we’re always going head-to-head with rivals UNC and Duke. Even if you find yourself more of a Tar Heel or Blue Devil than a Wolfpack fan, we encourage everyone to show out for their team.

The weather is absolutely perfect.

Raleigh’s southern hospitality is as warm as our climate, and our winters are far more temperate than that of other southeastern cities. Plan to dress light June through August, and keep a heavy coat handy December through February. The rest of the year calls for mild climates all around and Raleighites love taking advantage of the pleasant weather.

We're professionals at beer.

Raleigh is PERFECT for beer-lovers of all stripes. Even the casual beer drinker will enjoy the more than 30 independent craft beer breweries in Raleigh, like Clouds Brewing and Trophy. From the annual beer festival Brewgaloo to the world’s largest draft selection of 300+ brews at the Raleigh Beer Garden, there is always a new brew to try on your nights out.

Multiculturalism is key in Raleigh.

Our city is also demographically diverse, with large Black, Latino, and Asian communities. Revisn recommends paying a visit to the annual springtime International Festival located right here in Raleigh to get a glimpse at this strong community engagement. This multiculturalism also benefits our local cuisine, with many restaurants and specialty grocers located all throughout the city.

Need somewhere to stay while relocating to Raleigh, NC?

If you’re searching for housing in the Raleigh area, Revisn has got you covered. Revisn provides short-term, fully furnished apartment housing. Revisn combines the spacious comfort and relaxing convenience of an executive apartment residence with the amenities of a luxury hotel. Stay for a minimum of 30 days or a few months while you explore the city and plan your next steps in life. Revisn is located in the fashionable Glenwood South entertainment district of downtown Raleigh with restaurants, bars, and so much more! The flexibility of Revisn lets you decide when your stay begins and ends without being locked into calendar months or long-term leases. Your residence comes fully furnished and fully equipped, including modern designer furniture, high-end appliances, and cutting-edge technology. For everything else, just ask our 24-hour concierge. All you need to bring is a toothbrush and your clothes. We provide the rest. Revisn redefines everything you think about an extended-stay hotel.

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