April Rental Report: Raleigh and Durham Rank in the top 30 US Cities

Raleigh Rank in the top 30 US Cities
Raleigh Rank in the top 30 US Cities

Renting is now the new buying as high home prices and the spring season bring out more renters looking for apartments.

Rent Café April 20th, 2023.

Rentcafe.com analyzed four indicators from rental listings to rank the cities with the most in-demand apartments,

(i) availability of apartments

(ii) listing views

(iii) apartments saved as favorites

(iv) saved personalized searches.

The top-ranking cities offered a mix of affordability, job opportunities, and entertainment options that appeal to many renters.

Raleigh-Durham, NC

Raleigh and Durham are known for the growing job opportunities in the tech sector and is appreciated for its authenticity and good food. These are just a few of the reasons that led to this North Carolina charmer rounding out April's top 10.

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