What is Corporate Housing?

what is corporate housing

Executive Apartments? Corporate Apartments? Short-Term Rentals? Serviced Apartments? Oh my!

Some business trips don’t require more than a few nights in a hotel room before you’re on your way back home. However, those more extensive work travels don’t have to be relegated to small, cramped hotel rooms. If you’re visiting a new city for a few months, especially frequently, you deserve a space to stretch out and call home – especially since booking a hotel room for months at a time can rack up a huge bill.

The long term guest will look to executive apartments, corporate apartments, short-term rentals, and serviced apartments for accommodations. These all fall under the umbrella of corporate housing.

What Is Corporate Housing?

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Corporate housing apartments are fully furnished.

The expectation of the long term guests is quite different from the short term traditional hotel guest. The long term guest is looking for an experience of a home away from home. They want to duplicate the experience of home, looking for features like a full service kitchen, comfortable bed, and stylish décor.

Most corporate apartments offer the above without all the bells and whistles. Revisn’s corporate apartments are fully furnished with custom selected furnishings, linens, and décor with amenities such as weekly housekeeping services and all-inclusive utilities.

Who Uses Corporate Housing and Why?

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You’re on an assignment for a project in a new city. Your manager has chosen you to head up this initiative, but it requires traveling to a field office and finding housing in your new city. You know you’ll be there for at least three months, but chances are you’ll have to extend your trip. As a business traveler, you’re likely going to look for a corporate housing facility for your “medium-term” accommodation.

Over a billion room nights are sold each year across all hospitality platforms. Between 87% to 90% of these are transient travelers who stay between 1 to 3 room nights in traditional hotels. The remainder are looking for stays that can range from a couple of weeks to 6 months or more. These travelers are traditionally relocating employees or on medium-term assignment, and they come from a variety of industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Interns
  • Consulting
  • Technology

There is no finite clientele for short-term corporate housing. The need is changing often, and as new industries begin booming and more specializations are created, the need for corporate accommodation will continue to increase.

What Are the Benefits of Corporate Housing?


Corporate housing corners the market between exorbitant hotel stays and cost-inefficient furnished apartments by blending aspects of both at a more effective price. Typically these apartments are fully furnished, and include all utilities. Revisn’s short term corporate apartments are booked under one all-inclusive fee, so you won’t ever see a surprise bill at the end of a month.

Corporate apartments are also serviced, meaning that hotel-like amenities from housekeeping and concierge assistance can be included. Revisn’s all-inclusive price covers weekly housekeeping and a 24-hour concierge service. Your Revisn residence comes fully furnished with Samsung HD televisions, an LG two-in-one washer and dryer, linens, and toiletries.

The average rate for U.S. corporate housing in 2016 was $150 a day. Revisn beats that daily price, and our leases are flexible. After a minimum 30-day stay, you can extend your reservation a few days, weeks, or months whenever you need. Never pay for more room nights than necessary!

A home away from home

Privacy and safety are important features of corporate housing. In a residential setting, it is easy to feel like you are at home instead of a hotel. Revisn provides state-of-the-art security features like our two-way video intercom entry system and ultra-secure in-room Wi-Fi networks. No one but our residents and their preferred guests can step foot through our door, just like at home.

The commitment of a long hotel contract, or signing a lease for a fully-furnished apartment in your satellite city is inconvenient and dated. Corporate apartments eliminate these contracts and unnecessary fees, all while providing an exceptional hotel-like service right to your residence door.

Revisn’s corporate apartments are perfect for the long-term business traveler, their family, and their pets. Our executive apartments come fully furnished and fully equipped, including modern designer furniture, high-end appliances, cutting-edge technology, and luxurious personal amenities. For everything else, just ask our 24-hour concierge.

Stay a few weeks or a few months while you explore the city. The flexibility of Revisn lets you decide when your stay beings and ends without being locked into calendar months or long-term leases. All you need to bring is a toothbrush and your clothes. We provide the rest. These short-term apartments provide you the residential experience you've been looking for.

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Fully-furnished, flexible lease residential experience with hotel amenities.Revisn is a perfect executive apartment for guests who need accommodations for 30 days or longer.

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