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Hey Raleigh! Here is our new series: Revisn Roundups.

Find important local news, interesting reads, and weird stories from all around the U.S.!

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PBR Cowboy Bar with mechanical bull opening in Cary

Raleigh and the Triangle have been dying for a mechanical bull bar! Now, NCers can enjoy all the accoutrement of a honky tonk cowboy bar at the PBR Cowboy Bar, opening in Cary next year. There are only 10 PBR Cowboy Bars across the nation!

Panda twins born in China amid endangerment

Cute, cuddly pandas are fortunately no longer formally classified as endangered, but their species still struggles for survival. Luckily, panda parents Qin Qin and Yong Yong gave birth to a pair of healthy giant panda twins in Beijing this month! This birth is a welcome sign of progress for China and the world at large!

Man implants Tesla key into his hand

We love electric cars, don't we? Well, not this much. A man in Michigan surgically implanted a Tesla key microchip into his hand so that he always has it with him. Some people just buy a lanyard, but Brandon Delaly went the extra mile, no pun intended!

Metal-detecting stranger retrieves woman's ring lost in sea

Speaking of metal-men, this New Hampshire man rescued a Massachusetts' woman's wedding ring from a Hampton beach. The ring once belonged to her great-grandmother, and after hours of searching, the family jewel was nowhere to be found. After posting about the issue over Facebook, her message went viral, and local metal detector Lou Asci was able to help!

Target profits plunge 90% in 2022 Q2

Target's wallet is hurt hard while shoppers foresee an impending recession. Quarter 2 profits were low for the company as shoppers purchase less non-essential items, focusing more on food and gas. Target continues price-slashing for the benefit of the customer and the company, but that may soon change.

Raleigh is #2 most popular Labor Day destination on Airbnb

Labor Day 2022 comes at a time where pandemic fatigued families are ready to go out of town, and what better place to retreat than the City of Oaks! Last year, Raleigh Airbnb hosts earned more than $170k total!

A woman on the verge of homelessness was searching for someone to take her cats. She found months-long support from an unlikely source

Juwanda Jones faced adversity for most of her adult life, facing child death, divorce, eviction, and more. Throughout it all, her two cats, Diamond and Skittles, were there to help. When she was facing homelessness, Cat Angels Pet Adoption stepped in to care for her cats while she got back on her feet. This is a story of the power of community!

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