4 Shopping Tips for the New Normal

Our economy is partially closed due to the pandemic and this makes shopping quite a challenge. Revisn has compiled a list of the top tips to safely and ethically shopping in the age of COVID-19.

Shop for basics in bulk

The first tip of shopping during these unprecedented times is to do it in person as little as possible. Every grocery trip should be staggered throughout the month. Buy in sufficient quantities but do not hoard. Limiting the amount of time you are near others in close proximity at a grocery store or pharmacy, decreases your chances of contracting or passing the virus. If you need basic household items like toiletries, cleaning supplies, or maintenance items, search for these items on an online retailer that can bundle your order and ship it to you. Strategize your shopping trips so that you do not miss any crucial grocery items requiring a second trip out.

Utilize online yard sales

If you’re feeling bitten by the shopping bug while cooped up in your house, let it out in a safe and (often) cheap way! Online marketplace apps and websites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Letgo allow users to shop for used and new items for sale from people in their neighborhood. These websites all also have their own safety and health guidelines to making a sale and purchasing to ensure you are aware of how best to handle your new items. Find a new hidden treasure online and pick it up on your neighbor’s porch!

Stay on the curb

Curbside pickup is the new standard for merchants still in operation. In North Carolina, restaurants and bars can remain in operation so long as their dining rooms are closed, making takeout and delivery A-OK.  When you are ordering from a restaurant, making a purchase from Craigslist, or making deliveries on behalf of others, choose businesses that offer curbside pick-up and hand-off. While it is legal to enter a place of business to retrieve your takeaway order, it is safer to remain out of close contact with others, so preference should be given to businesses that allow curbside pick-ups.

Tip, tip, tip!

Do not forget to tip right now! Delivery workers and food staff are still working and are considered essential employees. They are also workers who are closer to the frontlines of this pandemic, handling multiple items a day handed off between multiple different people. With so much risk, and with little pay, it is necessary to tip these workers who are trying to remain financially safe during these trying times. Tack on extra than usual. The typical guideline is to tip 20% of your order total. If you can manage more, pay it forward to the ones serving you.

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