How to Work Your Curb Appeal

Feeling like your home exterior could use a little T.L.C.? Revisn has compiled a guide on best practices to work your home’s curb appeal, so that the inside of your house reflects the warmth and care from within!

Light up!

Outdoor lighting is crucial to set the tone of your home’s exterior. When the sun goes down, what do your neighbors see? Make sure your beautiful home is just as visible at night as in the day. We recommended installing solar powered LED ground lights along walkways and gardens so your guests can feel like they are making a grand entrance to your home. These lights will generate their power from the solar energy they stored up during the day, costing you only the purchase price!

Replace your entryway and garage lighting with motion-sensor fixtures that match the color scheme and overall décor theme of your home. Your everyday maintenance stores like Home Depot or Lowes will have dozens in stock for you to choose from, or you could shop around for more boutique lighting at small shops or local stores.

New paint, new you

Springing for a new home paintjob is a big decision and commitment. If you have had a color for your home in mind, we recommend jumping right in and going for it! A fresh paint job on your home is a sure-fire way to grab attention on the block. Whether you’re looking for a bold, statement color, or just want to refresh the current coat of paint, your new paint job will reflect your care for homemaking. Love your home’s color, but the façade still needs a little pick-me-up? Consider updating the color of your front door or window trim. A pop of color will go a long way in impressing your guests and neighbors.

Introduce new flora

Dig in! Into the soil, that is! Gardening around your home is already a pretty cheap and often therapeutic hobby for homeowners. Put your skills to the test and plan out a beautiful floral landscape for your home’s frontage, yard, and mailbox. Green plants and shrubs typically suit your home near the front door. Save floral displays for near the mailbox and any garden patches you have designed in your yard. Don’t be afraid to set up a nice vegetable and herb garden in the back while you’re at it, too!

It's all in the accents

Working with all the accoutrement of your home’s siding, frontage, molding, and windows can seem limiting to some homeowners, depending on how the front of their home is designed. If you feel like overall, your frontage is lacking, consider adding outdoor décor to your curb appeal project. Great, easy pieces to add to your home’s façade include art fixtures, wind chimes and hanging plants, porch furniture, and lawn ornaments. Simply adding stones or other pathway borders lining your home’s entryway will instantly add interest. Set out some beautiful flowerpots and an inviting welcome mat to top it all off!

Whatever project you decide to undertake to spruce up your front yard, take care to keep up with the maintenance involved washing the exterior and manicuring your lawn. You will be the talk of the cul-de-sac in a matter of moments and a master of curb appeal!

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