Revisn’s COVID-19 Response 2022

As the pandemic has developed, the hospitality industry has recognized that each touchpoint in the process of booking a hotel and other lodging has the potential to be redesigned for a COVID-friendly future. Revisn is dedicated to maintaining operations with the most heightened sense of cleanliness during the COVID-19 Pandemic. While the situation changes every day, in 2022, Revisn remains committed to beating the virus and keeping the health and safety of our staff and guests paramount. With vaccines helping us against the daily threat of different COVID variants, we can all pitch in to help. We adapt our protocols over time as the situation develops.

View our Touch Point Cleaning Protocols guide to stay informed of the protection of our guests' health and safety on each step of your journey.


Increased frequency of door handle and entry point surface cleanings/disinfections

Check In2022-02-17T10:34:50-05:00

We offer contactless check-ins for all of our guests. For those that need the Revisn personal touch, we have hand sanitizer and masks available upon request. Just ask our concierge! Our front desk set-up promotes physical distancing with a large upper partition and extra space

Public Spaces2022-02-17T10:35:06-05:00

Revisn employees take time out of the workday to clean all elevator buttons, door handles, and other touch points, as well as maintaining a cleaning time sheet display. Signage throughout the building indicates our mandatory mask policy for staff and guests. Hand sanitizer is also available upon request at all areas in the apartment building.


Signage in the elevator indicates one group per ride, mask policy, and cleaning time sign off sheets. Hand sanitizer is available upon request at all areas in the apartment building.

Your Revisn Residence2022-02-17T10:33:16-05:00

Our rooms are privately operated by each guest including a high-tech HVAC system that does not cross contaminate between residences. Each dwelling has a mandatory 1-to-2-day turnover period for airing out and disinfecting. We recommend self-isolation procedures to be followed for any guests diagnosed with COVID-19. We also provide a Welcome Letter in every residence upon check in which describes our amenities, as well as our cleaning/disinfection policy. We will NEVER enter your room without your express consent!


Aggressive cleaning protocols between guest stays, including continued use of EPA-registered disinfectant chemicals, proven effective in preventing the transmission of COVID-19, and enhanced focus on disinfection of all guest room touchpoints. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn by all housekeeping staff.

Meetings & Events2022-02-17T10:33:33-05:00

While large-scale meetings and events are irregular at Revisn Raleigh, we provide hand sanitizer and masks for all outside attendants to Guest Appreciation events and other meetings. Physical distancing protocols are enforced for all Revisn-hosted events or meetings. Masks are mandatory throughout the building regardless of visitation status.

Check Out2022-02-17T10:34:15-05:00

Our checkout is contactless, meaning you can follow our quick check-out procedures, leave your key in your residence, and be on your way without a long wait at the reception desk.


Increased frequency of door handle and entry point surfaces cleaning/disinfection

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