What is a Digital Nomad?: Your Guide to Remote Work

What is a digital nomad? Sounds kind of archaic, no? Digital nomads are actually modern workers who take live-work-play seriously. If you have a laptop, phone, tablet, plane ticket and some income, you can become a digital nomad today. Read our guide on all things to know about this new trend.

What is a 'Digital Nomad'?

What exactly is this 'digital nomad' you ask? Well, the name itself is nearly self-explanatory. A digital nomad is a worker whose job is completely or mostly online, which allows them to work wherever they like. Digital nomads may be anywhere in age from Gen-Z to Baby Boomer, but lately, Millennials and Zoomers are the age groups who chiefly take up this working lifestyle. Retiring individuals as well as "Snowbirds" are working as digital nomads at an increasing rate. In 2020, 10.9 million Americans cited themselves as 'digital nomads,' which was an increase of 49% from the prior year. Digital nomads enjoy their independence from location as they are born travelers and tech enthusiasts.

Where do Digital Nomads live?

Digital nomads can live anywhere and work from everywhere. Most digital nomads do not just move and stay put; rather, they tend to travel frequently to different and often exotic locations. While some Americans tend to limit their travels within the United States, many others are choosing international locales. Some top locations that digital nomads find themselves in are Melbourne, Montreal, Sydney, Wellington, Prague, Toronto, Tallinn, Zagreb, Singapore, and Dublin. While the United States' infrastructure, travel requirements, Internet accessibility, and costs of living are familiar and reliable in much of the country, the nomads that prefer flocking abroad must keep these elements in mind when choosing their next location.

How much money do Digital Nomads make?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to knowing exactly how much money Digital Nomads make. The lifestyle is so flexible that some travelers are accruing income from their base job, multiple projects or freelance positions, and their personal savings or investments. Clearly, though, working a digital nomad lifestyle requires enough money to live comfortably and quite luxuriously. While some costs of living are no longer necessary to consider (mortgage/rent, utilities and other household bills), the on-the-go lifestyle is not too easy to maintain without a steady income from a higher paying job. Digital nomads typically work in large corporations in benefitted positions to take the guess work out of budgeting.

How do I become a Digital Nomad?

Pare down expenses

Before embarking upon your digital nomadship, make sure that you are paring down any extra, superfluous expenses. That means cutting out some of your streaming services and other subscriptions, going for store-brand over brand-name, and limiting or eliminating your debt. Being in any kind of debt prior to leaving your home location to travel the world will only blog you down and increase your spending.

Budget and then budget again

Set a budget for every single expense you expect to encounter. The more stringent your budget, the less worry you will have of overspending or going into debt. You do not want to run out of money when you are far from home, and you do not want to have to cut your travel time short. This can be a totally sustainable lifestyle as long as you are comfortable with your income and spending before taking flight.

Always do your research

Where are you going, where have you been? Don't just walk into a new locale without brushing up on the local culture and infrastructure. Moving to Cancun or Playa del Carmen sounds like a dream, but think of how you will live without clean running water, or dealing with the fluctuating exchange rate. Some places you will be traveling may require a work visa, and a simple passport-supported trip may not cut it. Earning income while stationed in another country can be a capital offense, so make sure you are properly documented as you travel. Remember: the best part of traveling is experiencing something brand new, so don't let your research totally turn you away from your dream workplace!

Plan for the worst and expect the best.

Like we said, debt, illness, or other such emergencies may befall you while abroad. Similarly, any number of emergencies can find you at home as well. That's why we suggest to plan for the worst case scenario, but keep your sights on your target. You know the digital nomad lifestyle will be enriching, but keeping a realistic perspective that there are more risks with consistent travel than there are working from home or at an office. No matter what, though, the digital nomad lifestyle is a taste of luxury and curiosity that the average person does not often experience in their lifetime, so make the most of it with a smile!

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