5 Date Night Ideas for Quarantine

Date nights in quarantine are not totally impossible! Whether you are quarantined with your sweetheart, or are making a love connection from far away, there are still endless possibilities for a great date. Revisn has compiled a list of some unique and creative date night ideas for sheltered lovers.

Virtual Date Night

Are you separated from your boo? To liven up everyday conversation, and to put a date on the calendar to look forward to, plan for an interactive virtual date on FaceTime or Skype. Plan some activities that you two can enjoy together, like purchasing a Jackbox party pack of games or set up a Netflix Party. Talk to each other while you binge your favorite shows, watch a gripping film, or goof off on some of the hilarious games on Jackbox. If you are quarantined with your partner, however, you can still enjoy Jackbox and Netfilx, but invite some friends on Zoom for a double date! You and your partnered friends can face off against each other in online board games or pack into the virtual theater for a night of streaming!

Try A Spa Date Night

Everyone deserves a good spa night! Light some candles, get out all your best skincare products, and put on some relaxing music. You and your partner can start by taking turns giving each other massages. Then, move on to mud masks and foot soaks. Run through your whole skincare routine and give your body and mind the refresh it deserves. Relaxing with your partner in an intentional and romantic way is a great practice to strengthen your relationship.

Cook A Four-Course Meal

Block out a whole Saturday or Sunday for this one! Start by gathering recipe ideas throughout the week. Do you and your partner want to try a new cuisine, or stick to a big comfort meal? Whether you’re feeling adventurous or not, try setting aside a bit of cash to splurge with for this date. Incorporating new ingredients and flavors will open up both of your palates while you share skills in the kitchen.

Go "Camping"

Toss the pillows and cushions off the couch and bring out those fluffy blankets! You can emulate the camping experience right inside your own home. Prepare a pillow fort in your den and decorate it to feel as cozy as ever. Acquire some LED lights to run through your fort, or opt to run traditional string lights in. Whip up some s’mores in the kitchen and load into the fort with snacks and your laptop. This date night is a bit whimsical and can take you out of the monotony of staring at the same home interior all day. Now, get to it, you’ve got a whole night of Netflix and romance underway!

Karaoke Party!

Break out the hairbrush microphones! You and your partner are in for a goofy date night singing all your favorite songs to the top of your lungs. Create a list of songs you both love—dramatic, silly, or anthemic hits. Typically, there are lyric videos for most popular songs on YouTube. Create a queue and take turns or sing duets. While you’re jamming the night away, you will be sharing music you love with your partner, and maybe even showing them the sillier side of you they rarely see! Add some wine to the mix, and you two have got yourselves a party.

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